Test Your Skills from Beginner to Advanced

We live and breathe skating, scooting and biking, so you know the park is going to really test your skills no matter your level. More so, we have designed the indoor skate park so beginners can advance their skills without getting in the way of pro's who are flying up the ramps or plunging down into our foam pit!

Completely enclosed and with plenty of viewing areas, you can shred it up rain, hail or shine.


More Session Times at Your Skateboard Park

With plenty of sessions available, you can chat anytime with our on-site crew to learn more tricks or even just have your gear fine-tuned.


Upgrade Your Gear or Grab a Bite

Looking for better gear or want a bite to eat when you’re here? No sweat! We have a store and cafe at the skate park so you can upgrade your gear and have a chow down whilst your mates skate.